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September 19, 2016

Taking Carpets Seriously

by Basma Helmy in Rugs

After a long day at work or even after a trip, we all know the feeling of taking off our shoes and relax on our couch. There is no place as our own house. Thus, it is very important to take the proper time to make it being exactly as we want it to be, after all our house is an extension of our identity: the furniture, each ceramic, wall colors? So, with carpets it will not be different.
Abdou Mostafa is a recognized and well-stablished brand that over three decades has been doing more than manufacturing carpets; they are committed on being part of customers housing experience and helping to build the sanctuary it is for them. Abdou Mostafa is a family business, thus we understand the importance of bringing the best inside home. Founded by Mostafa Abdou, the business has been since 2005 under the supervision of the son Abdelrahman Abdou, followed in 2010 and 2012 by the rest of the children, Amira Abdou, Somaya Abdou and Abdoullah Abdou.

Identifying what people want is a start, but it does not stop there. What about quality? How to ensure customers will have what they need? Abdou Mostafa takes quality seriously, and the handmade rugs and kilims are produced with the best materials in the market, aiming to achieve international standards and to last as long as good memories. The luxurious collection is wide and in constant update to meet new demands without however forgetting the traditions; it contains many old and modern rug designs, dyed, silk and wool/ silk rugs. Knowing customers well and how quality is important to them is what has made Abdou Mostafa be in the market for more than 60 years and looking forward for the next 60 years. There is no bigger honour than being part of our clients’ sanctuary: their homes.