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September 19, 2016

Rug, Rug on the floor ?Which is the fairest of us all ? Washing, Repairing, Dyeing: We help Taking Care of your RUG.

by Basma Helmy in Rugs
When talking about rugs it is so easy to get excited about the different kilims and imagine how beautiful it will look like in your living room, right? But not less important to remember is rug washing. We know how it is a tough task to keep a carpet clean, especially one that has to battle against the dust of streets. Washing a rug is not a simple task, especially if an antique one, you dont want to have that families relic damage, do you ?

For this purpose, we offer wash services done by specialized people who will make sure it will look like brand new.

What about that cigarette that fell on or that cut that damaged your beautiful rug? No problem. We seem a carpet as a masterpiece, and as a masterpiece it once in a while might need a restorer?s work. We are aware of that and have accumulated years of experience in repairing.
Last but not least, we also understand that sometimes changes are needed and nothing remains the same. In times of reutilizing and making the old look new, we can give the new look to that old carpet you love by dyeing it.